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  • Starseeds, Lightworkers, Soul Travelers

    Good souls are banding together and sharing their love and their knowledge to help in any way they can. Healers, psychics, writers, artists, poets, film makers and musicians are responding to the energy pouring in from the Heavens and answering the call. They are finding each other on the internet, through friends, networking everywhere they have the opportunity to get their work and their messages seen and heard.

    Lightworkers are empathetic and sympathetic which make them vulnerable to others who may try to “steal” their energy. Paying close attention they soak up information like a sponge. Humble but confident, sweet natured and strong all at once. They live their lives expecting miracles because they know those miracles are possible. These are the souls who are dearly loved and deeply misunderstood at the same time. This is because the Earth has turned so gray in some places that other souls don’t want to trust anyone or anything they deem too good to be true. This is changing! As thinking evolves and the Awakenings and Ascension continue, so will the understanding of the Lightworking Starseeds and Soul Travelers residing all over planet Earth at this very moment.

    We are facing some of the biggest challenges ever right now and in the near future all over the World. Natural disasters are on the rise, many countries are in economic crisis, wars are still being waged and millions of children are in danger of starvation, disease and exploitation.

    As we move further into Ascension on this planet, the Lightworkers will be ready to help the World understand that there is hope living in us and all around us. The Earth will evolve and be reborn. There is a Healing Light Energy here like never before that continues to grow and shine. One will awaken another who will awaken another and another…

    -Elemental Jewelry Team

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